Art (Mr. Sears)


I am happy to announce that even with the challenges this year regarding the pandemic, my Art students have gained so much knowledge!  We have been learning about some of the great artists of the past including Leanardo Di Vinci, Norman Rockwell and many more! 

My goals for this year are for the students to be inspired not only from the work of the past Artists, but  to also gain confidence in appying some of the same Art techniques as these brilliant historical figures. 

Realizing that some students enjoy Art more than others, I want them to know that good participation is all that is required.  I also want my students to know that each individual will be different in the way they express themselves and that  Art is a great way to  display that creativity, no matter what the skill level !  

I look forward to encouraging the students even more in the coming months as we explore more Art together!

God Bless,

Brady Sears








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