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Mrs. Christine DiVenuto (Kindergarten)


Hello Families,
   We will be having a very busy time until Thanksgiving. Thursday is Principal Appreciation Day. Our class will be making  poster for Mrs. Rex and singing a song to her on Thursday. Next Tuesday the school will be having a Thanksgiving Prayer Service. There is no school next Wednesday.
   This week the class will be working with the story A Bed For The Winter. It is about a dormouse who is looking for a place to hibernate. It does seem a little early to keep talking about hibernation, but it was snowing this morning! The book is full of wonderful photograph's of animals and their winter homes. The words for the week are; meadow, nest, hive, stump, tree trunk and den.
   The class will continue to work on comparing values; more, fewer, most and  fewest. They will also work on the numerals 0-5.
   The children will take a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation.  They will watch videos that recreate the Pilgrim and Wamponoag way of life. They will also make different Thanksgiving crafts. 
   I am Thankful for having such a wonderful class at Mater Dolorosa School. The group may be small, but they have personality to make up for it.
   Have a great week.
Christine DiVenuto