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Mrs.. Karen Godbout (Technology)


Our Grade 7 students recently had a "Scratch" coding workshop in school with instructions from representatives of "Holyoke Codes"  Our 8th Grade students went to "Holyoke Codes" and took a robotics workshop.  Both were great opportunities for students to expand their coding knowledge.

Grade 3 students are learning how to use PowerPoint to create word walls and other graphic presentations using clip art and imported pictures.  Grade 4 students are building on their PowerPoint skills by incorporating internet research in their projects.  Grade 5 students are busy refining their Microsoft Word skills so that they can begin a "Cookbook" project.  Grade 6 will be beginning an Excel project where they will be counting M&M, using formulas to sum and average and charting their findings.

The annual Stock Market Game is starting for our 7th Graders.  They will be investing a hypothetical $100,000 in the real time stock market learning about stock trends, buying and selling, public vs. private companies.  The game runs from February 6 - April 14.

Grade 8 will be culminating their time with us creating a commercial parody as well as developing a video yearbook of their time at our school.

In other news, our Funding Factory programs continues for the 20116-2017 school year.  The program now only accept name brand laser toner and inkjet cartridges. 

Below are some basic keyboarding exercises that can be done by all students in Grades 3 - 8.  The drills enforce finger placement and letter location.

 KEYBOARDING - Please students practicing their keyboarding.  Students shoul be practicing their keyboarding at least three times per week for 10 minutes and/or until they can complete their assigned drill.



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