Grade 5 (Mr. Masse)


FOR ALL CLASSES: Homework assignments will also be posted on Google Classroom. That is mainly for those who are ABSENT and as a reminder for the class. It is NOT to be used as an excuse to hand in a homework assignment late.

Grade 5 ELA:
October 3rd-7th:
-I told the class that once it's October, we will begin weekly spelling quizes. A new set of words (usually 10) will be given out on Monday, and the quiz will be at the end of the same week on Friday. I have given them their first set of 10 words today Monday, October 3rd, and their first spelling quiz will be this Friday, October 7th.

-Weekly spelling words will be posted on Google Classroom. Each word is worth 10 points and it is graded out of 100.
The quizzes will be administered as follows: For each word, I will say it twice, then use it in a sentence, and then say the word one last time.
-I was out for a while, and we really got a head start in the textbook, so we put the brakes on it for the time being, and we began to go back and do activities and assignments from previous stories we read in their textbook. I didn't realize we missed out on so much potential work!

-We will also be reading a novel that I will assign. I am in the finishing stages of selecting a novel. I will provide an update when I choose one.

Grade 5 Religion:
October 3rd-7th:
-Today, the 3rd, we took the Unit 1 Test. The questions on my religion tests comprise the notes we take in class and the textbook itself. Questions are also taken from any session in the Unit. If there is any confusion with the terms "Unit" and "Sessions," think of it as "Unit" being "Chapter" and "Sessions" as "Sections." During the first week of the year, I told the class that "Unit" and "Session" are the same; just different words were used. I don't give out Session quizzes as each session is usually reasonably short, so not much material can be used for a quiz.

-Also, I know students already have plenty of work, so if I could reduce the amount of studying in religion to Unit tests, I think that would be beneficial for them.

-Starting tomorrow, the focus will be on Unit 2.

-September 26th through the 30th, we reviewed for the test. I handed out a homework review packet on Monday, September 26th, and it was due on Friday, the 30th. We also briefly looked at Unit 2.

6th grade ELA:
-We were really focusing on grammar and parts of speech for a while. Recently, they took a parts of speech quiz.

-On Monday, October 3rd, I made copies of the first story in their ELA textbook, and we read it as a class. HW was assigned and is due tomorrow (short notice on here as it took me a while to be able to post here).
Tomorrow, we will go over the story again, check for understanding, and start the next story.

7th Grade ELA:
-I have noticed students have been struggling with essay and paragraph writing, so we have been spending extra time on that, including more practice HW that I assigned, and they did.

-I have also been teaching from a grammar book, which I found very useful. We discussed how students could use a web and graphic organizer to organize their ideas and topics. They also learned how to brainstorm ideas. We then discussed drafting and the Dos and Dont's of it.

-This week, we will continue reading from their textbook "My Perspectives."

8th Grade ELA:

-I try to keep what we do the same in both grades, including assigning similar classwork and homework. If there is any confusion surrounding that, please don't hesitate to ask me about it in an email. So, if on a given day we read from the textbook in 7th grade, we will also read from the text in 8th grade. If we are learning grammar instead on a given day in 7th grade, we will learn about grammar in 8th grade. I have 7th grade ELA first, so what I do in 8th grade is usually based on what we do in 7th grade.

-8th grade also practiced more essay writing.

-We also learned about drafting, brainstorming, and using a web and a graphic organizer.

-We will continue in their "My Perspectives" textbook this week.

Also, just a kindly reminder, for my classes, the students are required to use only a pencil for the entirety of an assignment unless it's a drawing/coloring assignment. I am very strict with that rule. Even if only a few words are written in something other than a pencil, I take 5 points off their assignment.

Have a great week,
Mr. Masse