Grade 5 (Mrs. Wresien)

Mater Dolorosa School welcomes Mrs. Wresien as the permanent teacher for Grade 5 Homeroom and Religion and Grades 5-8 ELA (Spelling, Reading/Literature, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar).  

Mrs. Wresien was gracious enough to step into this position in early November without a moment's notice.  She comes to us with 30+ years of teaching experience, which includes a MA Certification in English, and quite a few advanced degrees in both Education, Special Education, and School Counseling.  Mrs. Wresien's grandchildren attended and graduated from Mater Dolorosa School within the last 5-7 years, which is a testament to her dedication and love for our school, its students, and their education.  Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Wresien as she continues to shepherd your children for the remainder of this school year.  Thank you Mrs. Wresien.

Mrs. Wresien is in the process of navigating the FACTS portal and utilizing a school email account.  Please allow her the patience and respect that is truly deserved as a teacher at Mater Dolorosa School.   You are always more than welcome to call the office to leave a message for Mrs. Wresien.  She will return your call to discuss any concerns in a timely manner.   

Peace and Blessings,

Mrs. Mary Fedora, Principal