Mrs. Mary Fedora (Grade 6)

 Important Dates/Information: 

 *Winter Vacation:  Feb.  19 - Feb. 23.  I hope everyone has a restful or exciting vacation.

*During the Lenten Season, Grade 6 will join Grade 7 in attending weekly Mass at St. Jerome's Church.  We will begin the week that we return from Winter Vacation.    

*Grades 5/6 Battle of the Books meetings will be held every Thursday in my classroom going forward. We meet from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.. Our group has chosen, or has been assigned, a list of 3-4 titles to become experts on.  Many members have completed the majority of their books.  They have agreed to complete the remainder of the books over Feb. vacation, and to finish up their notes.  As soon as we return to school, we will begin practicing for the upcoming battle, which will occur in May.  They are doing a great job so far!

Grade 6

Week 0f 2/26/18

 Math - 'Order of Operations' lessons continued. We will quickly move onto order of operations expressions with variables.  Students should follow the order of operations when evaluating their expressions.  The expressions will again contain decimal numbers, brackets and parentheses, as well as variables. Students will need to remember how to compute exponents.    

Religion - We will be working on a supplemental section from our Religion books on Lent.  Test on Lent will be Fri., March 2nd.

Social Studies - We are jumping over a few chapters and will learn about Europe in the Middle Ages.  Our MD School Education Fair will be in March, and students are anxious to work on a castle project.  Students have picked their groups, and are being asked to gather items over vacation to complete their project.  Items to be gathered include boxes of various sizes, glue guns and glue gun sticks, figurines, scenery pieces like shrubs, trees, etc...  These castle projects will be completed in school.  

ELA - Students will work on another 5-paragraph essay, topic to be picked on Monday, 2/26.  

Reading - We will be completing our novel "A Boy at War" by Harry Mazer this week.   Notebook vocabulary activities involving defining words using context clues will be graded assignments.  Students are expected to expand on their answers to all written questions (in other words, more DETAILS, as well as evidence to prove their responses).  Many chapters in the novel are 1-2 pages long, therefore, rather than stopping the flow of the story, we will continue reading the novel until we complete it.  I am happy that the students are enjoying the story.  Final comprehension test date TBD.

As always, thank you for all you do for your child.

Have a good week.


Mrs. Fedora

Grade 5 Math


We are still working on Topic 8 lessons, Order of Operations.  Students should make every effort to copy notes and refer to them as they work through problems.  The lessons are proving to be a challenge for most, as they are expected to remember how to add, subtract, and multiply decimal numbers.  

Timed multiplication facts test will continue.  Students are not allowed to move onto the next multiplication set of facts until they master the previous one.  Study all multiplication facts daily.

Have a great week.

Mrs. Fedora