Preschool Four Year Old Program (Mrs. Moreau)

 Thank you all for everything you are doing with your children during this time at home.  I am planning on continuing our zoom meetings but I have removed the address so it will be private.  It will be the same link as our first meeting through the duration of the COVIN-19 virus and home base schooling.  If you have any questions please email me. I will check my email everyday and probably more than once.  Thank you again for being so wonderful during this time.  Tell your children how much I miss all of them so much.  See you all at our next zoom meeting.
Thank you,
Mrs. Moreau
Hello Everyone,
During this crazy time I hope you are all staying healthy and trying to stay busy.  I thought one thing we could try to do is connect through a zoom address.  I have done this once with Mrs. Donelan and the MD staff for a meeting.  I am hoping this will work for our class too. I would like to say hi to the kids and read a story to them.   Tomorrow at 11:00am  (Tuesday March 24th)  Go to the web address   ( i removed the address so it is not public?   It was pretty easy.  I'm crossing my fingers this is work for us too. 
 Hope to see you all tomorrow, Mrs. Moreau
Preschool 4 Families,
The year is going great and I love having your children in class.  They are growing so much and I am enjoying being a part of it!  To say they enjoyed our theme around Space would be an understatement.  I tried putting the books about the solar system away and they kept asking for them.  I think they will be out till the end of the year.  
Now that we are back from vacation and back into our regular routine I will try to incorporate more science experiments.  The kids love when we are able to do them and so do I.  We are currently working on a Walking Rainbow!  We mixed water and food coloring into mason jars and then connected the jars by using paper towels. If it all works out the red, yellow and blue food coloring we used should mix into the mason jars without any food coloring to make new colors.  It should only take a day or two.  Lets hope it works!!
We eat lunch at 11:15 and then have the rest of the day.  The kids have been getting hungry so I have been providing them with a snack around 1:00/1:30.  If anyone would like to donate a box of goldfish, teddy grahams or animal crackers that would be greatly appreciate.  That is what everyone seems to like.  
As always, if you have any questions please let me know.
Mrs. Moreau
Parents & Gaurdians,
I can't believe it's already October.  The children have settled in nicely.  They are enjoying their day with their classmates and they are all enjoying our  specials.  Tuesday we have art and gym and then on Wednesday we have library and music.  No specials on Thursday.
It is getting cold out so please send a jacket or sweatshirt in with your child.  I'm sure we will need hats and mitten before you know it. 
The Fall Festival for Our Lady of the Cross is happening this month.  Thank you to all that brought in art supplies for our classes raffle basket.  Each grade at MD is asked to donate a raffle basket.  We are partnered up with Pre-K 3 and the basket is looking good!  
The school candy bar fundraiser is happening now and the more chocolate we sell the more money is raised for the school.  Lets sell some chocolates!!!!
If anyone would like to donate tissues for the class it would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your wonderful kids with me and MD School!!
Mrs. Moreau
Mrs. Moreau