Preschool Four Year Old Program (Mrs. Moreau)

Parents & Gaurdians,
     Welcome to PreK 4 at Mater Dolorosa School.  I am very excited to meet you and your children and start our new school year.   I am working hard getting our classroom ready for the first day of school.  To keep things consistent I will keep all the information Mrs. Aparviz has shared with you through her parents page. 
Important information for the first day of school: 
   We will meet families in the social center 7:30-7:45am. This is the preschool door for drop off and dismissal. At that time I will teach the preschoolers the drop off routime. Parents are welcome to stay and walk their student to class the first week only. 
*** Allergies*** If your student has an allergy especially to food please let me know BEFORE the first day of school so that we can ensure all safe practices are put into place for that specific allergy. 
    I am adding a list of needed supplies at the bottom of this page so that you can shop the sales over the summer. The most important things for your child to have the first day of school are:
1.Important medications (epi pens, inhalers, seizure medication etc...) **with the nurse permission form or we will not be allowed to administer.
2. Backpack (NOT preschool sized) A small or medium sized backpack that can hold a lunch box and folder: we will be sending home many important notices and forms along with a communication folder on the first day.
3. Nap things: we will begin napping the first day of school, this transition always goes better with a little love from home. send in a SMALL blanket, SMALL pillow, and a SMALL stuffed animal. Please nothing that lights up or makes noise. Send nap things to school in a reuseable grocery bag. THis is how they will be stored in the classroom. 
4. Change of clothes: even if your child never has accidents, we still have spills. Please make sure your child has at least 2 full sets of clothing in a labeled gallon size ziplock bag in case of first day accidents and jitters: shirt, pants, socks, underwear, sneakers. Please label every item!
5. After school information form: If you would like your student to attend after school care on the first day your student MUST have a form filled out.
***Please do not send in any toys or stuffed animals with your student unless absolutly neccessary. I do not want loved toys getting lost, or fought over. 
Additional required supply list:
1 large Elmers brand glue stick
1 bottle Elmers brand liquid school glue
1 roll select a size paper towels
2 crayola brand 8 count watercolor trays
1 pack solid colored cardstock ( white or colored)
1 package white paper plates ( not the wax kind, nothing fancy)
1 pack of construction paper
Please do not worry if you have already done your shopping
Thank you and I look forward to meeting everyone.
Mrs. Moreau