Grade 4 (Mrs. Wall)


January 13, 2019

Dear Parents and Families,

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend!  This week, 4th Grade will be taking their Topic 7 Math Test and beginning the last multiplication chapter before division! We will also be taking our mad minute tests this week which will be combining the 11's and 12's times tables.  Please make sure your child is studying their facts every night as part of their homework!  In Science, we have started to discuss Engineering.  I'm in the beginning stages of my planning, but I have decided that we will, for a bigger project, have an "Invention Convention."  Students will need to come up with an "original" invention of their own that will be presented at a later date, yet to be determined.  Stay Tuned for more details-the students seem excited about the idea!

3rd Grade continues learning different ways to multiply their facts.  Please continue to have them study their facts every night as part of their homework.  We will be practicing the 5's multiplication facts for our mad minutes tests this week.

4th Graders-If you choose to order from the Book Club, just a reminder, Book Orders are due to me or online by Monday 1/14.  Feel free to use the coupon I gave you for Christmas,  for a free book  (up to $5) for/ as part of your order.

Also, we have begun to run low on some supplies in our classroom.  If you could send in some supplies with your child, our class would appreciate it.  We are in need of the following at the moment:

Ticonderoga Pencils (pre-sharpened preferred, but not necessary)

Skinny Expo dry erase markers for the children to use for Math (black preferred)


Hand Sanitizer

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Mrs. Wall












Dear Parents and Families,

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend! 

Please remember to send back any calendars that are sold.  They are due back Thursday, 12/20.

Progress Reports were sent home this past Thursday.  Please try to sign and return them by Monday.

Tuesday, 12/17/18 is Ugly Sweater Day

Wednesday, 12/19/18 is our Christmas Concert.  It will take place at 9:30.  In case of cancellation it will be on Friday 12/21.  Mrs. Bradshaw would like all the students to bring a Santa hat to wear. 

Thursday, 12/20 we will have a movie and hot chocolate.  The students may wear red and green that day.

Since it's so busy and the children are so excited for Christmas, we will not have any homework this week! My fourth graders do have their Topic 6 Math test on Monday.  We weren't able to get it in on Friday, so it had to be pushed to Monday.  I have confidence that they'll all do just fine-I can tell they've been practicing and that makes me happy!

I have some fun things planned for this week, so I'm hoping everyone is on their best behavior!

Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!









December 9, 2018

Dear Parents and Families,

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend!  Tomorrow, Monday, December 10th we will be going to the Gingerbread Shop from 10am-1045am.  Please send in an envelope with your child's name on it, along with who your child is shopping for.  All items are $1.00. 

 This Wednesday, 12/12, Progress Reports for Term 2 will be going home.  Please look them over, sign and return them to school by Friday, 12/14. 

Mass will be celebrated Thursday 12/13 @ 9:30am.

Book Club order forms were sent out last week.  If you choose to order, these are due by Friday 12/14. 

Both 3rd and 4th graders have been working on multiplication for a couple weeks now.  When we start a new group of facts, I pass out "flashcards" that the students make.  These are to stay in their folders for the week.  They should be practicing with them nightly as part of their homework.  3rd Grade has just begun practicing their multiplication facts and so far are doing a fantastic job!!  4th grade will be starting their 11's this week, so they're fast approaching the big review of all facts at the end!  My fourth graders are doing a phenomenal job as well-I'm very proud!!  Christmas is coming and I have a few fun projects planned-so stayed tuned! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

Mrs. Wall









October 28,2018


Dear Parents and families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  This week in 4th grade, we will be starting a new topic in Math and we will be working on our 6's and 7's multiplication facts!  Looking at the mad minutes (I've been giving 2 minutes lately, which seems to be helping) I can tell the students are studying and working hard on their math facts!  I'm very proud of the progress they're making!  We have started practicing our cursive writing.  We will also be having an open book Religion quiz this week.  Thank you to all the families that sent in pictures for our bulletin board, our fourth grade "pumpkins" look adorable in the hallway! Also, Halloween is Wednesday, don't forget to wear your costumes!!  Report cards for term 1 will be going home this week as well.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at  I will try to respond as quickly as possible.  Thank you and have a great week!!

Mrs. Wall

P.S. Mrs. Rex has been checking to see if parents/guardians have signed their child's agenda.  Please make sure to look at your child's agenda each night and sign it, please. Thank you!








 October 8, 2018


Dear Parents and Families,

             It was nice seeing many of you at Open House last week and I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend!  This week in 4th grade we will be reviewing the 4's and 5's for our multiplication practice.  Try to practice these math facts every night!!  Again, it's going to be very important to memorize the facts, as Math gets much more challenging in the fourth grade!!  Also, this week we will be doing an art project, making pumpkins for our bulletin board in the hallway.  I'd like to add a picture of your child to their pumpkin.  If you could please send in a "wallet size" photo of your child, it'd be much appreciated.  Also, a notice was sent home in regard to the 4th grade raffle basket.  Our theme is "trick or treat."  If you'd like to send your child in with any donations toward our basket, we'd certainly appreciate it!  Again, thank you for all you do and I hope everyone has a great week!!

Mrs. Wall





September 17, 2018


Dear Parents and Families,

We are settling into the new school year nicely.  We have been practicing our multiplication facts and have even begun basic division!  We take a "mad minute" test every day to practice our times tables, with the Friday test counting towards a grade.  Mon-Thursday a times table sheet focusing on the facts we are working on for the week are sent home as part of your students' math homework.  Please have them practice nightly either by writing the facts over and over or by using a deck of flashcards at home.  It will be very important to master their facts this year.  We will be finishing up the first chapter in Math this week and that means a Chapter Test is coming!  I have left last week's update at the bottom of this page to remind families of our specials for the week.  Looking forward to a great week!

Mrs. Wall









Dear Parents and families,

We are off to a good start in 4th grade!  We began somewhat of a schedule this week.  In math, we have begun practicing our multiplication facts and reviewing some skills that may have been learned in 3rd grade.  Please consider purchasing a pack of flash cards for your child and having your child practice their facts at home.  We will be doing a lot of practice with our facts in the coming weeks!  We have also begun switching classes between Mrs Wheatly and myself, as well as beginning our specials. As a reminder, please note the days we have specials below:


Monday: Art (every other week) and Music

Tuesday: Library (don’t forget your library books!)

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: none at the moment  

Friday: Gym (make sure to wear your gym uniforms!)


Thank you!

Mrs  Wall