Grade 4 (Mrs. Wall)




September 25, 2022

4th graders and families,

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  Last week I was out sick for a few days along with a few students all week.  I am encouraging mask wearing for the next week or so, however , it is entirely up to you, the parents if you'd like your child to wear a mask. 

Since last week was such a hectic week, I told the students that spelling was postponed to this week, as well as the mad minutes 2's/3's mixed.  We will also be getting back to our normal schedule and amount of work. 

As always, any questions feel free to email me.  I try to answer in a timely manner.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Wall











September 11, 2022


4th grade families,

I began assigning homework last week.  Homework will always be assigned nightly Monday-Thursday and will consist of the times tables 3 times each, the 2-sided math sheet (this goes over what was learned in class that day), and a spelling page.  Some of the children seemed shocked when I assigned the homework however, 4th grade is a big jump from 3rd  grade and my homework assignments are to reenforce what was learned that day and not given as just busy work.  Please make sure your child does their homework nightly and returns it in their homework folders the next day.  Also, the children should be taking their agendas home daily as well.  I have them write important notices in the agendas for you to look at.

Math fact for the week are the 3's.  Please have your child practice daily as the mad minute at the end of the week is graded.  We will also be finishing up Topic 1 in Math class this week and there will be a test on the content.

New Spelling Words are introduced weekly on Mondays.  Have your child study nightly along with their homework.  Tests are on Fridays.

We are currently doing a novel study on the book, "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio.  We try to read a chunk of chapters daily and then I assign a quiz that we partially do together.  The book is largely about choosing kindness and being kind to others even if they happen to be different from you.  The kids always enjoy the book and we do culminate with the movie after our novel study is complete. 

In Social Studies this week, we will be finishing our first chapter in our Regions books.  There will be a vocabulary and Chapter test this week.  My Social Studies tests are always open book tests.

I will be leaving my previous week's message up below this one since I have the specials listed as well. Just a reminder, GYM is on TUESDAYS.  Please make sure your child wears their gym uniform to school.

Any questions, feel free to email me at the email address above.

I hope everyone has a great week,

Mrs. Wall






4th grade students and families,

We had a wonderful first few days of school.  The children have settled into the routines nicely and have been to many of their specials already.  This upcoming week, I will begin assigning homework.  Homework in 4th grade consists of a double sided math worksheet (this will review what is learned in class that day), a times table 3 times each paper, and a spelling page.  Beginning in November, the students will also be assigned a monthly book report project.  More details to follow at a later date. 

Spelling Tests are on Fridays.  The students have already begun taking their mad minutes tests daily.  We work on a multiplication fact weekly and take a mad minute test daily.  Friday's test is taken for a grade.  It is very important to know your facts by heart this year, as the math gets more difficult with long division and fractions.  Please practice those facts!!

Our Specials this year are as follows:

Mondays: Liturgical Music

Tuesdays: Gym (Wear your Gym uniforms to school)

Wednesdays: Spanish

Thursdays: Math Enrichment and Art

Fridays: Computers/Technology

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me at lwall@materdolorosaschool.org

Enjoy your long Labor Day weekend,

Mrs. Wall