Grade 1 (Mrs. Peters)


Hello Parents,

Welcome back!  Here is what we will be learning this month:

Religion - what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Social Studies - introducing concepts of jobs at home and school and how people work to fulfill their economic needs and wants.

Science - animal needs to live and grow and their differences/groupings; plant growth, makeup and differences.

English - different forms of genre, continue identifying types of sentences, comprehension, inflected endings, and decoding words with long vowels.

Math - develop fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.  We will explore strategies to add within 20.  Please continue to reinforce math facts at home.

Phonics - continue with punctuation, character, setting, and main events, glued sounds, plurals, and trick words.

 Below are some items to bring to your attention:

-Mrs. Cubi and I would like to thank everyone that donated to the children's Christmas Party.  The children had a great time and enjoyed the snacks that were supplied.  Thank you again!

-Mrs. Cubi and I would like to thank those parents that donated for our teacher Christmas baskets.  They were lovely!  A big thank you to Mrs. Hilton, our room parent, who took on the job of coordinating the gifts and party.  Thanks a bunch!  We also want to thank those parents that gave individual gifts as well.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

-Parents have been asking if tomorrow, Jan., 17, is a dress down day.  The answer is no.  The dress down pass in the folders was for the cash calendar fundraiser that was held in December.

-Children should be coming to school with coats, hats, and gloves/mittens.  We go outside/after school daily unless it is raining, snowing, or muddy.

-Remember to have your child bring in his/her folder daily.  We do most of our daily communicating through the folder.

-Please have your child do their daily spelling homework in pencil only (unless they are completing their rainbow writing).  Also, please reinforce correct letter placement/formation when completing homework.

Also, children should be completing their homework nightly and returning to school the next day via their daily folder.  Please make sure they have correct letter formation and placement when doing their homework.  Thanks in advance for reinforcing the work at home.

-If there are ANY changes to your child's dismissal (bus, ASP, or pickup) please let us know via the daily folder or call the school office.  Please do not have your child relay any changes/updates to Mrs. Cubi or myself.  We need to have all changes documented in the daily folder.  

Also, if someone that we do not recognize is picking up your child, we will ask for an ID and call the office for verification before we release your child to the new person.  These procedures are for your child's safety.  Thank you for your understanding!

-Mr. Meara, our computer teacher, has asked that all students bring in a headset to school for computer class.  If you haven't done so already, please do so ASAP.

-If you have not sent in an art smock or old shirt for your child to put over his/her uniform during art class, please do so ASAP.

-Please remember your school supplies if you haven't sent them in yet.  Please do so ASAP!

-Please make sure your child comes to school daily in the proper uniform.  Sweatpants are to be worn only on gym day.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

-The children are being taught to focus on correct number/letter formation and placement in their daily class work and being responsible for proofreading their work before completion.  They have been doing a great job!  Please work with them at home to reinforce this concept as well.

-Spelling words will be sent home this week.  We will have a test on Friday.  We completed a sight word test last week and the children did well!  Mrs. Cubi and I are very proud of them!

Friday, Jan. 27 - middle school snowball dance; more info. to follow.

Sunday, Jan. 29 - beginning of Catholic Schools Week; more info. to follow.

Mrs. Peters