Grade 3 (Ms. Pula)

 Dear Parents,

There will not be any more homework assignments for this school year.  However, there will be one more review spelling test on Friday, May 31st.  The test will have 15 words, but your child has a list of 20 words to study. The words are as follows

1. cosmic 2. inches 3. begged 4. enjoy 5. famous 6. alarm 7. popcorn 8. compete 9. I've 10. impolite 11.ASAP 12. scientist 13. sheep 14. third 15. sample 16. clear 17. research 18. deer 19. heavy 20. built

  On Friday, May 24th the first, second, and third graders will be having a Pizza, Popcorn, and Pop Day in the park.  We will be spending time outside playing games, so your child may bring appropriate outdoor toys.  Your child has already told me if they would like pizza, bring a home lunch, or get the school lunch.  Since we will be spending most of the day outside, please send in some extra drinks.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your week and stay cool!

Ms. Pula