Grade 3 (Mrs. Wheatley)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thanks to all the parents who were able to come to the performance we had in the classroom. The students did a great job. They really enjoyed working with Mary Jo. 

A few things to remember for this week:

The "Used Book Sale" will take place on 4/10 and 4/11. If you have any used books that you would like to donate, please send them in to school.

There will be an Easter Egg Hunt  on 4/11 sponsored by the PTO. Thank you to the PTO.

Battle of the Books will not meet this week after school. I have a faculty meeting. We will work on some reading during class. Also, I may take some kids that are at the after school program and work with them. I will be assigning books to each team to read during the vacation. May 7th is coming up quickly, so both teams must hit the books hard the next few weeks. 

There will be a Spelling Test this week For grades 3 or 4.

There will be a Vocabulary Workshop test on Thursday 4/11/19 on Unit 12.nStudents have their Unit 12 vocabulary sheets in their homework folders, so they can study at home. Both grades are doing well on the Vocabulary Tests.

We will be completing a little more work on animal habitats and animal adaptations in Science. We will also be reading about plant adaptions. We will be working on "People in Communities" in Social Studies.

PLEASE NOTE...Reading Records are due on Mondays.

Please check the green homework folders and agendas daily to help students stay organized.

Mrs. Rex has asked that parents sign students' agendas each day.

 Have an enjoyable week. I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday at the Education Fair!

Mrs. Wheatley 



Monday- Gym, Music, and Art (Art is every other week)

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- Language Lab

Friday- Language Lab and Music