Grade 3 (Ms. Pula)

 Dear Parents,

There is a homework assignment due this Friday, June 2nd.  This is the last homework assignment for the school year.  There will not be a spelling test this week.  Our last spelling test will be on Friday, June 9th.  The test will consist of twenty-five spelling words, one word from each week we had a spelling test.  I will be giving giving my students the test words on Tuesday, May 30th.  So, please check your child's daily planner.

On Tuesday, May 30th Casey's mom and grandmother will continue to present their writing curriculum to my class.  My students enjoyed last week's presentation and they were attentive and enthusiastic participants.

On Thursday, June 1st we will have our Field Day/Barbecue.  This event is for the entire school.  The Field Day will take place in the morning followed by the barbecue.  Your child was able to select a hamburger or hot dog for his/her lunch.  This is the school lunch for the day and there will not be any alternate choices.  Please check with your child to see if he/she did not select the school lunch.  If he/she didn't he/she will have to bring a lunch from home.  Also, please make sure that your child dresses appropriately for the weather and brings water to school.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

On Wednesday, June 7th the first, second, and third graders will be having a Field Day in the Park.  Coach Jen will help us with the outdoor activities.  For lunch, we will be having pizza from Dino's.  If your child does not want pizza he/she will be able to get the school lunch.  More details about this event will be sent home in future updates.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Ms. Pula