Technology (Mr. Meara)

Looking for more way to keep you children learning using technology?


All classes use  for coding skills and work at their own pace.  A link is provided to bring students directly into their lessons in Google Classroom. Students log in using their school Google credentials. Students also use for keyboarding and log in via Google.


In K the students use I Pads for learning. They learn how to turn on and off the device and play educational games. They are also learning how to turn on, log in, and turn off the computers in the lab. We also show tech saftey, and science videos.

Favorite iPad Apps

Buttons and Bugs

Word Bingo

Pizza Shop
Grade 1
1st grade all have Chromebooks.They are instructed in how to turn the device on, log into their Google account, and use some apps. They are also enrolled in and IXL learning.


In 2nd grade we continue keyboarding using and introduce the Google suite and Google classroom. The students use Google, slides, docs and complete assignments via Google classroom.

GRADES 3 & 4

They continue with  Google slides projects through Google Classroom.  Typing via and expanded use of Google Docs.
GRADES 5 & 6
Here we start coding via and continue with keyboarding. We also start Google sheets spreadsheets. I also start looking for students that might want to help with the school tech assisting other teachers or fixing lab computers.

GRADES 7 & 8
 The students continue coding and keyboard skills. Some students work on the lab computers during class as a technician. Others can either code or use their keyboard skills for some creative writing. I hope also to reinforce Engineering concepts later this year.