Preschool Four Year Old Program (Mrs. Krow)

        November 2018 Newsletter   

  October was a busy and fun month filled with birthdays, holiday celebrations, and so much more. We are always surprised at how fast the time goes by, and finding ourselves in November already is hard to believe! This past month we have learned about apples and pumpkins, the fall season and of course, Halloween! The children are definitely getting settled into preschool now and seem to be truly enjoying each other and the routines that they are establishing. They are exploring and playing together and showing their ability to share, include, and take turns. It is wonderful to see!       


  As we approach boot weather, we need to remind you that your child may not wear boots in the classroom.  Their feet will become too warm and the floor will become wet and slippery.  You may choose to leave a pair of slippers or an extra pair of footwear in our classroom.  We would like to ask that your child’s name be written somewhere in their coat, boots, and slippers.  Sometimes more than one child has a similar article of clothing and it is confusing for them and us.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Snow suits are not always necessary.  If it is severely cold, we do not go outside.  Also, please update your child’s extra clothes for a more seasonal set.


  Breakfast/Snack is served to our class at 8:30. We are reminding all parents to give their child a simple breakfast at home, if they will be arriving past 8:30AM.  Although we do realize that mornings can be difficult, we ask that if at all possible please try to have your child at the door of the Social Center no later than 7:45AM. So they do not miss morning prayer and other daily classroom activities. Thank you.


 November 5-9 (Authors and Illustrators)                    

  What a fun week we have planned for your children.  Each day we will choose a special story to share with our students and then we will have them create a craft that will reflect the book that we have shared with them.  Hoping to inspire our future authors and illustrators or at least increase their love for reading.

November 12 (Veteran’s Day—No school)


November 13-21 (Thanksgiving)                                                            

  It’s “Turkey Time” and that means we will be counting turkey and feathers, doing the Turkey stroll, reading silly books like The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, and learning about different family traditions and customs.  Thanksgiving also gives us an opportunity to talk about being thankful.  What it looks like, what it feels like, what we are thankful for and how we can show others we are thankful.  The two Preschool classes will be collecting coats for the Homework House.  Please check thru your closets for any coats that are in almost new condition, that you would consider donating to this cause.  Thank you!


  In addition to our coat drive the Kindergarten through second grade classes will be collecting food for Kate’s Kitchen.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are asking our students to bring in one or two cans or non-perishable goods to be placed in boxes near our cafeteria for those less fortunate.


November 21-26 (Thanksgiving Break—No School) Please note: Nov. 21st is a half day of school.    No After School Program on this day.


November 26-30 (Transportation)                                         

 This topic is part of their everyday lives.  They drive or walk to school, have ridden on a bus or taken and airplane to go on vacation.  We hope to broaden their knowledge of other methods of transportation.  Crafts, songs and activities will be enjoyed by all. 



Happy Thanksgiving to all our students and families.

                                                 With thanks and love, Mrs. Krow and Mrs. Judd