Grade 8 (Mrs. Forest)


Agenda for 12/10-12/14

8th Grade Religion class will begin Unit 3 "The Age of Faith and Beauty", while focusing on "Advent" and "Christmas" this week.  8th Grade Algebra will continue with Chapter 7 "Applying Fractions" with Unit 7-2 on Proportions.  7th Grade Pre-Algebra will continue with Chapter 3 and will  learn how to solve equations with like terms.  In 6th Grade Math we will begin Topic 9 "Ratios" with Lesson 9-1 "Understanding Ratios", and Lesson 9-2 "Equivalent Ratios".  5th Grade Math will continue with  Topic 4  “Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors" and will be working with  Lesson 4-4 "Dividing by 1 Digit-Divisors", along with review on their Multiplication Facts.


Important Dates and Reminders

Please help with supporting our local Holyoke Community with our Student Council's "Toys for Tots" Toy Drive.   This event will continue until Tuesday, 12/18.  Any student who brings in a "New Unwrapped Toy" will recieve a Dress Down Pass.  Thank you all for your ongoing support with our Toys for Tots event.

The 8th Grade class will visit the "Gingerbread Shop" on Monday, 12/10.  If you would like to purchase any items, please don't forget to bring in your money.   

There will be a School Mass on Thursday, 12/13 at 9:30 am in the school's gymnasium. 

On Thursday, 12/13 Progress Reports for the 2nd Quarter will be going home.

***Please check below to see if your class has any upcoming tests or quizzes, as I will post this information a week in advance.***  


8th Grade:

Religion 8 - "Open Book" Test on "Advent" and "Christmas" from our Season Secition in our Religion Book on Thursday, 12/13

Algebra 8 - Quiz on Unit 7-2  "Proportions" on Friday, 12/14


7th Grade:

Pre- Algebra - Quiz Unit 3-2  "Solving Equations with Like Terms" on Friday, 12/14


6th Grade:

Math - Quiz on Topic 9 - Lesson 9-1 "Understanding Ratios" and Lesson 9-2 "Equivalent Ratios" on Friday, 12/14


5th Grade:

Math - Quiz on Topic 4 - Lesson 4-4 "Dividing by 1 Digit Divisors” on Friday, 12/14  There will be a Multiplication Fact Quiz on the 10's Time Tables on Tuesday, 12/18. ***  Please keep practicing your multiplication facts.***


Have a Wonderful Week, 

Mrs. Forest :)