Mrs. Colleen Forest (Grade 8)


Agenda 2/26 - 3/2

In Religion, the eighth grade class will continue with Unit 4 “Reason, Rebellion, and Reform” with Chapter 14 ”Forgiveness and Reconciliation”, along with celebrating Lent each week.  The 8th grade Algebra class will learn about slope of a line.  The 7th grade Pre-Algebra class will learn how to solve proportions using cross products.  Eighth grade science will continue Unit 3 "Electricity and Magnetism", and begin Lesson 3 "Electric Circuits" and Lesson 4 "Magnets and Magnetism", along with preparing for their "Bridge Projects".  Seventh grade science will continue Unit 2 "Earth's Organisms", and begin Lesson 3 "Introduction to Plants" and Lesson 4 "Plant Processess".  Lastly, the eighth grade Literature class will begin reading the short book "Brian's Winter" by Gary Paulsen this week.     


Important Information/Dates 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful February Vacation with your families and friends.

** Please note that during the "Lenten Season" that the eighth grade class will be attending Mass with the fifth grade class at St. Jerome's Chapel weekly on Wednesdays.  We also will participate with "Stations of the Cross" each Thursday with sixth and seventh grade classes.  **

On Wednesday, 2/28 please help support the PTO with attending the monthly meeting at 6:00 pm in the School's Cafeteria. 


 8th Grade:

Science - Vocabulary Test Unit 3 "Electricity and Magnetism" with Lesson 3 "Electric Circuits" and Lesson 4 "Magnets and Magnetism" on Thursday, 3/1.  The Standardize Test on Unit 3 (Lessons 3 and 4) is scheduled for Thursday, 3/8

Religion - "Open Book" Test on Chapter 14 “Forgiveness and Reconciliation” on Friday, 3/2

Algebra - Quiz Unit 8-3 "Slope of a Line" on Friday, 3/2

*** Please review the informational packet that was sent home regarding the 8th Grade "Bridge Projects" that will be on display at our Educational Fair on Thursday, 3/22.   This packet includes important information, along with due dates regarding this project.  As always, thank you for your outstanding support.  ***


7th Grade:

Science - Vocabulary Test Unit 2 "Earth's Organisms" with Lesson 3 "Introduction to Plants" and Lesson 4 "Plant Processes" on Thursday, 3/1.  The Standardize Test on Unit 2 (Lessons 3 and 4) is scheduled for Thursday, 3/8

Pre-Algebra - Quiz Unit 6-3 "Solving Proportions Using Cross Products" on Friday, 3/2


Have a Wonderful February Vacation,

Mrs. Forest :)