Grade 8 (Mrs. Forest)


After Spring Vacation

Agenda Week 4/22 - 4/26 

8th Grade Religion class will complete Unit 4 "Reason, Rebellion and Reform".  8th Grade Algebra will continue with Chapter 11, and will complete Unit 11-4 "Irrational Square Roots".  7th Grade Pre-Algebra will begin Chapter 8 "Linear Functions" with Unit 8-2 "Linear Equations in Two Variables".  6th Grade Math will continue with Topic 12 on Geometry "Area", and will complete Lesson 12-4 "Area of Special Quadrilaterals".  5th Grade Math will continue with Topic 7 “Dividing Decimals", and will complete Lesson 7-6 "Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal", along with continued review on their Multiplication Facts.


Important Dates and Reminders

I hope that everyone has a Wonderful and Blessed Spring Vacation and Easter.  May you enjoy this special time with your families and friends. 

On Thursday, 4/25 there will be a school Mass. led by the seventh grade class at 9:30 am in the school's gymnasium.  All are invited to attend.   

 **** Thank you so much for all your timely payments for the 8th grade field trip to Boston, MA.   Your ongoing support is truly appreciated. *** 


***Please check below to see if your class has any upcoming tests or quizzes, as this information will be posted a week in advance***


8th Grade:

Religion 8 - "Open Book" Test on Unit 4 "Reason, Rebellion, and Reform" will be on Wednesday, 4/24

Algebra 8 -   Quiz on Unit 11-4 "Irrational Square Roots" will be on Friday, 4/26


 7th Grade:

Pre- Algebra - Quiz on Unit 8-2 "Linear Equations in Two Variables"  will be on Thursday, 4/25


6th Grade:

Math - Topic 12 Quiz on Lesson 12-4 "Area of Special Quadrilaterals" on Friday, 4/26


5th Grade:

Math -  Multiplication Quiz on Lesson 11 "Another Cumulative Review" will be on Wednesday, 4/24.  Test on Topic 7 "Dividing Decimals" with Lesson 7-6 "Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal" is scheduled for Friday, 4/26

***  Please keep practicing your multiplication facts weekly.  This will help with your skills on dividing decimals. ***


Have a Wonderful Spring Vacation, and a Blessed Easter,

Mrs. Forest :)