Grade 8 (Mrs. Forest)


Agenda for 10/22 - 10/26

8th Grade Religion class will continue with Unit 2 "The Growth of Christendom" and complete Chapter 5 "Councils, Cultures, and Conflicts" this week.  8th Grade Algebra will learn how to multiply polynomials by a monomial.  7th Grade Pre-Algebra will learn how to simplify variable expressions.   In 6th Grade Math we will be working on Topic 6, and continue to review fractions with multiplication this week.  5th Grade Math will begin Topic 3  “Multiplying Whole Numbers" with Unit 3-6 "Multiplying by 1 - Digit Numbers".


Important Dates and Reminders 

Remember there is no school on Friday, 10/19 due to Teacher In-Service Day at Pope Francis

The 7th and 8th Grade class are collecting items for the "Annual Our Lady of the Cross Church Fall Festival Themed Raffle Baskets".  Our theme this year is "Electronic Gadgets/Gizmos Basket".  All items are due by Monday Morning, 10/22.  As always, thank you for your outstanding support.   

On Wednesday, 10/31 we will celebrate Halloween with our Annual MD Halloween Parade

Thursday, 11/1 Report Cards for the First Quarter will go home

The Junior High Halloween Dance will take place on Friday, 11/2 in the school's gymnasium from 6 - 8:30 pm.  We hope to see you all there!!

 ***Please check below to see if your class has any upcoming tests or quizzes, as I will post this information a week in advance.***  


8th Grade:

Religion - "Open Book" Test on Chapter 5 "Councils, Cultures, and Conflicts" on Tuesday, 10/23

Vocabulary 8 -  Test on Unit 4 "Spelling and Vocabulary" on Thursday, 10/25

Algebra 8 - Quiz on Unit 4-5  "Multiply Polynomials by a Monomial" on Friday, 10/26


7th Grade:

Pre- Algebra - Quiz Unit 2-3 "Simplifying Variable Expressions" on Friday, 10/26


6th Grade:

Math - Quiz on Topic 6 with a review on "Multiplying Fractions" on Friday, 10/26


5th Grade:

Math - Quiz on Topic 3 / Unit 3-6 "Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers” on Friday, 10/26


Have a Wonderful Week, 

Mrs. Forest :)