Grade 6 (Mr. Wood)

6th Grade Homeroom Contact Info
Mr. Wood - ewood@materdolorosaschool.org 
Homeroom Notes:
 Fiedl Trip to Newport, RI is scheduled for Thrusday May 30th
departure time of 6:45am
May 30th is our class field trip to Newport, RI!
FIeld Day is TBD
6th/7th Grade Cash Calendar Fundraiser Winenrs
May 1 Jabet Lopez
May 2 Finn Mias
May 3 Mary Ann Romani
May 4 Mark McKinstry
May 5 Jeffrey Popp
May 6 Bridget Bresnahan
May 7 Mrs. Forest(er) (Donated back to field trip)
May 8 Stacey Bowens
May 9 Jack Tisdell
May 10 Kate Medina
May 11 Jim Mias
May 12 Charlie Aurnhammer
May 13 Elizabeth Ryan
May 14 Lee McGarrigle (Donated back to field trip)
May 15 Jen Chateauneuf
May 16 Hollyamber Allen
May 17 Donna/Bob Dempsey
May 18 Ronald Trowbridge
May 19 Father Albert
May 20 Jim Mias
May 21 Mila Mendoza
May 22 Alex Mendoza
May 23  
May 24
May 25
May 26
May 27 
May 28 
May 29 
May 30 
May 31